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coming never to a comics store near you



coming never to a comics store near you

Battle-tested, Captain America and his Howling Commandos quickly earned their stripes. Their mission: taking down HYDRA, a Nazi rogue deep science division. Barnes is the only Howling Commando to give his life in service of his country.

It speaks to my complete fucking inability to recognize actors that for a long time I thought that three of the Howling Commandos (Cap’s little elite team) in Captain America: The First Avenger were played by the same guys that play Fandral, Hogun, and Volstagg in the Thor movies and it was supposed to be a quiet little undercover crossover thing so that if Steve Rogers ever met Thor’s buddies in the MCU he’d have this slack-jawed moment of “but how?” while they’re just like “Oh man, so that was you? We were wondering!” and then “good to see you“‘s and catching up all around because it turns out they were on Earth for adventure and the Asgardians had joined the war and then the Howling Commandos mostly for shits and giggles. I was really disappointed when I realized this wasn’t the case.

And this is why I don’t talk individual actors or try to fancast here in Elf Land very often. I’m an idiot about these things.

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MR - What would happened during the second season had you had a chance to just do one. It doesn’t HAVE to be what you were going to do, you can make up some something on the fly if that’s safer.

JK - We talked about this more than you can imagine, like it is a very funny job where you get paid to have the conversations you had as a twelve-year-old boy, anyway, you know! Certainly we were in a go to the parallel universe. I don’t think it’s spoiling too much to say we are definitely in the see of Alan, the original Green Lantern. Because we set him up in the “Steam Lantern”….

GV - That was probably one of the biggest unresolved things of the first twenty six - that we hinted towards this character that did absolutely nothing for that particular story because we wanted you to anticipate him coming later and then we didn’t get to do it.

JK - GC had a good take on Kyle Rayner as being a fan boy of Green Lantern that in turn becomes a Green Lantern! That was a really good one, and we were gonna do John Stewart, you know, and I think what’s fun about it as we were just go and do it do it like the comic but do it slight spin on it, but still try to be really be respectful to the core of these characters, but still have fun.

GV - That was a personal goal is that we kind of wanted to roll out a new Earth GL every 13 episodes. So, like, John Stewart was up next and Kyle probably would’ve come in the back thirteen or something. And at that time there was no Simon Baz. Maybe if we would’ve had an additional season we could have…..

The transcript of the second half of Blog of Oa’s podcast with GLTAS producers Giancarlo Volpe and Jim Krieg. Here they talk about where GLTAS would have gone had the show been greenlit for a second season.

Again, a huge thank you to Myron for taking the time to type up a transcript.

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New MQ IPAD snaps of #LupitaNyongo in People Magazine May 5th edition. #50MostBeautifulPeople

What are your thoughts on Laverne Cox not making the time 100, despite her getting like the fifth most votes in the polls?


Laverne Cox is the most visible trans person of color in the world and she has helped millions of people to learn about trans people and the discrimination they face. I think Laverne Cox is one of the most important and influential people in the world and should’ve been included in the TIME 100.