About Me
  • Name: ElfGrove.
    Call me EG, Elf, or Elfie for short.
  • Birthday: December 29th
  • Location: San Diego, CA
  • Software Engineer, Lady Knight, amateur artist, mythology buff, cosplayer, Flash Family fangirl, Auburn Alumni, Auburn Football fan, and a general purpose geek fangirl.
  • I tend to erupt in bouts of “feels” on my Tumblr over things I’m passionate about — lately that’s mostly DC Speedsters, stupid Asgardian brothers of the Marvel variety, fairy tales and mythology.
  • I’m blunt, but well-meaning — and I can be reasoned with. I try to understand everyone’s opinions, but I don’t always get it, and I accept that. I’m also a passionate person. I get angry and post regrettable things in that anger sometimes.
  • I post whatever I damn well feel like here. Which is mostly comic/cartoon/fantasy/scifi geekery, but may occasionally include things like football, social issues, and mockery of the current events.
  • I do not follow-back everyone that follows me.

My Website: ElfGrove.com (One day I’ll even have it updated properly.) 
Cosplay Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/elfgrove
Twitter: @ElfGrove
DeviantArt: ElfGrove 
LJ: ElfGrove


  • Posts with spoilers are generally tagged #spoilers (or some variation there-of) and/or put behind labeled cuts.
  • All moving image posts are tagged gif.
  • I try to remember to put “Trigger Warning” as a tag or bolded at the top of problematic posts.
  • If I forget any of the these, let me know so I can fix it.
  • If you need to get my attention, tag a post ElfGrove. I track it.
  • Pictures of me are tagged elfgrove or me.
  • Most of my art and writing is posted under the #art by elfgrove tag. 

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