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Peggy Carter:Captain America



Not sure if anyone is interested in how my Headcanon for this goes, but…

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I like it


What this episode taught me:  When Hal says, “Do you trust me?” the correct answer is to flee.  Run.  He has a plan and it is halfcocked and insane.

#Or possibly no plan at all., #Either way… run.

THERE IS ALWAYS A PLAN! The problem might be that the plan is a HAL PLAN, but never doubt that there is a plan.


So I took that Peggy!Cap idea and ran with it.

Went with a more work type jumpsuit for the outfit, because I think in the 1940s if you were going to use an ultra strong lady for propaganda purposes, it would be to motivate and inspire the women on the homefront, like Rosie the Riveter did.

Also I tried so hard, but there was no way to make stripes on this thing look good. Lord knows I tried.


elfgrove replied to your post “Aki’s adventures in watching GLTAS:  Don’t get attached.  Don’t get…”

Heeheehee! Did he just stop referring to her as the computer? >:3

Yessssss he did.  This is gonna huuuuuuuuurt.

*hugs* You’re gonna love it though.



Reminder, there is some consciousness within Warner Brothers of the ongoing demand for more GLTAS.

  • We got the Blu-ray release after the series had been off-air for a year. [link]
  • Warner Archive knows we used our buying power to repeatedly create a sell-out situation of the Blu-ray on Amazon. [link]
  • GLTAS was added to the Netflix Instant Streaming library. [link]
  • Giancarlo Volpe (giancarlovolpe​) and Josh Keaton (joshkeaton​) (alongside others) will be appearing on a Warner Archive convention panel at WonderCon this weekend about the Blu-ray release. [link]


Any Fanterns that are going to WonderCon this weekend, please attend the panel — show your support for GLTAS, ask Warner polite questions about if they have any plans to take further advantage of the demand for more GLTAS content and merchandise (the Maquettes are nearly sold out), and show support for our sibling DC Nation shows (like Beware The Batman which will be premiering an unaired episode there).

I will not be at WonderCon this weekend.

Any of my friends who will be and are free Saturday at 11:30am? Please attend this panel and whoop loudly in my stead For Giancarlo, Josh, and all things GLTAS. If someone can ask about if they have any potential plans for giving us more merchandise or content like a release with crew commentary bonus features or even a direct-to-video sequel since the GLTAS fans caused Amazon to sellout 3 times in a week and have pretty much cleaned up stock on what official merchandise there is in the wake of the Blu-ray and Netflix release — I’d appreciate it a lot. Even if they have zero plans now, asking reminds them there’s a market chomping at the figurative bit for stuff to buy.

Also, visit Kevin if you’re in Artist Alley. He’s cool folk.


"What’s with the accent Queen Victoria? Thought I was signing up for the US Army."



Also, akiwitch and I are now watching GLTAS on Netflix.

We love it so far.

We know this will only bring pain.

elfgrove, this is all your fault.

Bring on the pain!

Awesome! <3 I hope you love it! I also hope I haven’t spoiled you too terribly!

Be sure to post updates! Your emotional roller coaster should be delightful!

By the by, my pride as a sword geek just had me browsing the fixed blades section of the tactical-military knives catalog… I’m reasonably certain Bucky’s knife is a Gerber Mark II, a seriously nice piece of steel.



Gerber tends to be a reliable and long-lived company producing practical-use knives. It’s one of the big old boys of the knives world.

So similar silhouette cheaper blades for folk thinking cosplay (though you really shouldn’t be getting live steel for cosplay in most cases), might want to look at: Ultimate British Fighting Knife, Smith & Wesson Boot Knife with Non-Stick Coated Spear Blade (too short and fat by a lot, but passable and better proportioned for short folk trying to hit the proportion to hand), Colt M-7 Bayonet, Browning Black Label Letter Opener, SOG Fixation Dagger Clampack, SOG Fixation Dagger Regular