can i be educated as to why his characterization was wrong?


  1. "We have orders. We should follow them." Steve. Steve Rogers. Steve "well looks like I have to go behind enemy lines to go save my best friend and company and you can’t tell me otherwise" Rogers. Steve "sixth time is the charm at the carnival recruiting office" Rogers. I’m not buying it, Joss.
  2. "I get that reference." We all know that Steve was under ice for 70 years, thus he missed a lot. He keeps a notebook of things he should look up, sure, but for him to be like HEY EVERYONE THE OLD GUY GOT THIS doesn’t strike me as believable. It seems like a shoddy shot at comic relief at Steve’s expense. Steve Rogers is the guy who takes the confused look on someone’s face and explains the reference to them, not the guy who points out that he understood it.
  3. "We need a plan of attack!" because jumping out of an airplane before you get to your destination, while being fired at, and trying to single handedly complete a rescue mission with a handgun and a metal shield is definitely backing this line of thought up.
  4. Let’s start with that stick of his. It may be magical…" "is that what just happened" and "seems to be powered by some sort of electricity" remind me of painting Steve as the naive, less intelligent younger brother that everyone gets tired of explaining everything thing to. Steve has a vocabulary. Steve Rogers grew up with electricity. He knows what it is. Steve Rogers also could have just said that it worked like the Hydra weapon, except there are these unnecessary comments to make Steve seem less than everyone else. I hate that whole scene.
  5. "What’s the matter? afraid of a little lightning?" since when does Steve mock other people like that? Sure, he was smarmy towards the Red Skull ("Nothin’. I’m just a kid from Brooklyn" "So why are you running?") but they’re retaliations. He doesn’t start that sort of thing. That’s Tony’s job.
  6. The whole “there’s only one God, ma’am” thing. It just seems so proper and Steve isn’t really proper or good with women, especially ones he’s just met. He doesn’t call Peggy ma’am when he’s conversing with her, he fumbles over “dame, woman, agent.” He also doesn’t seem the kind to bring God into things, even when Schmidt was “harnessing the power of the gods.” The whole line/situation irked me, and that just might be more subjective than objective, so you can ignore this point if you think it has too much fallacy in it.
  7. Steve always comes up one quip short with Tony. Continually. That might just be a nit-picky thing, but I don’t like it. Smart-mouthed Steve Rogers doesn’t keep playing into somebody’s hand the way he does with Tony. Steve is used to bantering with people- with Bucky, with the people who beat him up - he doesn’t back down with “one more wisecrack out of you” or any of that.

If you like Whedon’s characterization of Steve, that’s fine. You are welcome to your opinion, just as I am to mine. I wouldn’t say his characterization is poor more than it is wrong. 


I was just looking through my old likes from 2011 and laughed and cried because God. Y’all were so amazing. The plots, yhe schemes, the writing. Ugh. I miss it. Come back guys ;-;

Aww. I wish I had time to. Jad!mun misses plotting shenanigans and bonding with his bros. And oh the ideas I had for Beryl and Ace. :/


Rogues characters coming to the Flash/Arrow-verse.

  1. Wentworth Miller- Leonard Snart/Captain Cold
  2. Dominic Purcell- Mick Rory/Heatwave
  3. Chad Rook- Clyde Mardon/Weather Wizard*
  4. Nick Tarabay- Digger Harkness/Captain Boomerang**

*In the comics, Clyde’s brother Mark Mardon is the Weather Wizard.

**Tarabay’s appearing in Arrow as Harkness/Boomerang, while the others will be in Flash.

Additional Notes:

  • Tarabay’s first appearance on Arrow is slated for the episode before the Flash/Arrow crossover meaning we can probably expect to see his Digger in both shows.
  • The nu52 Weather Wizard reboot (pictured above) re-imagined the character as “Marco Mardon” and his brother was “Claudio Mardon”. They are/were heads of a Latino mafia family. Marco’s first appearance in the nu52 was returning to Mexico to investigate Claudio’s kidnapping and murder.


So this happened in my home town, and it’s horrible. What’s even more horrible is that it doesn’t look as though any criminal charges are being brought against the adults at Sparkman Middle School who knew what was going on and allowed it to happen. Like I straight up don’t care where you’re from, this needs to have about 500% more media attention than it’s currently receiving. This happened in 2010, and has been so neatly covered up by my home town’s school board that I’m sick just thinking about it.

Here is the contact information for the Madison County schools administration. A friend of mine suggested titling any emails you send to superintendent with “Sparkman Middle School Rape Case,” just to drill home that in no way was what happened to this girl “inappropriate touching,” as was actually put into the school’s incident report. 




y’know, some of the ground rules for behavior on tumblr make me squint

don’t give people your true name or they will be able to control you

stories are an acceptable form of payment

the inhabitants hide their real forms behind glamours and avatars

the longer you play here, the harder it is to leave

#actual sidhe court of the internet tbqh

You think you’ve only been here a few hours, but then you realize that years have passed.

Now, was that post made by the Seelie or the Unseelie? Have you accepted any gifts or favors without returning the gesture? For goodness sakes, you haven’t eaten the food, right?!


I think it’/s the same movie broken up into three parts?

The announcement reads a bit fuzzy. Other sites are reporting “Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles" (the series) will be set in the universe created by the Justice League: Gods and Monsters" movie. They also say that the series will air a week before the movie release and be available on unspecified "home platforms" then. Other articles seem to say it’s Timm and Burnett on both. It seems more likely that it’s just the film split into episodes, but the way they’re wording it sounds like it might be a separate thing. :/

The decision to phrase it “based on” is messing with me.

I’m confused. …They’re releasing a 3-part animated series based on an animated movie produced by Bruce Timm… before they release the Bruce Timm movie it’s based on?



my mom says that if this post gets 600,000 notes, she’ll let me take command of the whole ship for a day


Wesley, I never said that.