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the epic saga of the briefs’ supermarket snapchat adventures continues

#super saiyan shade imma right

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On the off chance you missed it: [link]

The really thin lines in the star logo didn’t print perfectly, but otherwise it’s nice. The shirts are American Apparel make.


See what’s really funny is that .gif might as well be a picture of us.

That’s what I was thinking. :)


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That’s what’s adorable about me.

This was at the theater when I went to see Book of Life.

This was at the theater when I went to see Book of Life.



ElfGrove Reads: Blood of Olympus Part 11

Now in Chapter 44. Getting close.

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You guys I am so lost when it comes to Flash… I feel like I don’t know who anyone is if that makes sense. Like before in Arrow, I’d see Nyssa come in and I knew she was Rha’s daughter but when it comes to the Flash I am SO LOST. Who is the professor guy lying about being in a wheel…

I’ll be happy to help where I can, but Harrison Wells is a new name to the Flash mythos. I think the smart bets right now are suspecting him to be a TV variant of the nu52 Dr. Darwin or an alias for a different villain entirely, like Hunter Zolomon or a Thawne, or potentially even an ally in disguise.

Human Luman and Artemis from Sailor Moon

Photographer: Joanne D. (Fanime Table Shots)
Cosplayers: Xaynie and ElfGrove
Convention: Fanime 2011