While Bolin/Korra (Borra) is a really REALLY damn cute ship, and I have some bars for that naval vessel on my LOK shipping uniform… Can we please remember that just because Bolin is a nice and wonderful guy — does not make Korra a bad person for not returning his feelings nor does his being nice mean he somehow “deserves”, has “earned”, or is “owed” Korra’s love. I like the idea of them together, but let’s not steer the ship into Nice Guy (TM) waters by going on about "how dare/could Korra NOT fall for him", okay?

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    Yes and while I love Borra, I have to say the whole best friend romance is just as cliched as hate/love Makorra romance....
  2. shadow-hikari said: Oh god. :facepalm: I want Borra as the hetcouple as much as the next person, but deer god. PLEASE NO nice guyTM Bolin. He is better than that and deserves better from Borra fans.
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