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"One of these days, I’m gonna steal your wife."

Oh, new season of anime… what the frilly hockey sticks did I just watch?

So… Natsuyuki Rendezvous appears to be a josei (probably) anime about a guy (an adult whoohoo!) who starts working part time at a flower shop because he’s developed a huge crush on the owner and wants to get closer to her. A month or so later, they’re prepping a going-away party for another part-timer — nothing has moved in the romance department because evidently Lead Guy is super-shy and Manager is a bit slow in the romance department (I don’t bother learning character names until I’m really interested in a show). Anime is kinda dull so far no hook! honestly. Lead Guy is meeting Manager at her apartment to do some prep for a going away party and there’s a naked man in her apartment. OOPS! Stuff happens, and it turns out Naked Dude is not just anybody, he’s the ghost of Manager’s dead husband. So the episode has Lead Guy screwing his courage up to tell Manager he likes her — which he actually does before the episode is done because the josei genre (romance anime/manga generally aimed at older female audiences) usually has better shit to do than fuck around for half a series without people spitting out their feelings. While this is going on, Husband floats around the shop, watching over Manager and trolling the hell out of Lead Guy who is the only one who can see him.

No judgement call on it yet, but I’m in for at least episode 2.

  1. gabzilla-z said: I’m gonna give it a couple of episodes because I love the art. But yeah, it’s pretty slow so far.
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