I’m not sure any of what I just watched made a lick of sense, and I’m pretty sure the three girls introduced were cardboard stereotypes typical to harem animes. Which is a shame, because I want to give Campione! a lot of interest points based purely on the magical girl combat transformation into a somewhat practical outfit. But if I’m honest, that was the only thing really memorable or particularly interesting about it’s first episode.

Look at that switch, I shit you not. The red dress is her normal, daily wear. She magically transforms into the pants to fight supernatural shenanigans.

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    I ended up dropping the show because bleh and stereotypical harem crap, but I just like to remind folk that this magical...
  2. asatira said: Oh my god. A practical magical girl outfit!
  3. shadow-hikari said: That’s a shame. Seemed like it be really interesting with the practical magical girl outfit. :\