Erlkönig's Daughter
Tumblr Suggestions

I’m not really bothered about the latest Tumblr change. It’s minor, especially compared to other changes that have been pushed out. However, it does seem kind of… worthless. I have to re-learn where some things are, figure out why the bloody hell I cannot visit my queue directly anymore — turns out the button for the queue only appears if you have something in the queue, there’s a buggy moment in the system waiting to punch me in the usability because I’ve NEVER had how much I have in my queue not match what Tumblr seems to think I have in the queue. That’s a bug that never crops up. HAH. — Okay, sarcasm aside. I’m not too troubled over the latest change. What bugs me is that there are plenty of far more useful things that I would like to see Tumblr work on implementing/fixing/improving around the site. Here are a few of them.

  1. Tag wrapping. — Give up the ghost. Your user base uses tags for extended commentary. Having an option in settings so they can be wrapped to be visible without installing a 3rd party script would be nice.
  2. The ability to search by tags within my likes. — Personally, I’ve got about 32K likes and being able to find something I know I “liked” 2 weeks ago would be super useful.
  3. Make asks rebloggable. — I don’t really understand why they aren’t to begin with.
  4. Make keeping the previous poster’s tags an option on reblog again.
  5. Add a fully fleshed-out chat/PM function. — One that keeps the history of both your and the-person-being-talked-with’s responses. Fan Mail is actually a step in that direction, except I can’t go back to see what I last said if I forgot.
  6. Notifications on the personal page showing likes and reblogs by people you follow as well as strangers. — Right now reblogs by people I follow are invisible to me unless I’m on my dash at the right time to see the reblog live.
  7. The ability to disable notifications by individual post. — Rather than the all on or all off. It’d be helpful for when a post goes viral on the OP.
  8. Implement bookmarking. — See: the Missing E functionality.
  9. Make allowing submissions by people without Tumblr accounts (entering email addresses) an additional option like allowing anonymous asks and have it off by default. — this would cut back on some spam/phishing attempts and make those more traceable to a source.
  10. Make it so that it’s possible to unfollow deactivated/deleted blogs.
  11. Improve the search function. — You know that thing is spotty at best.
  12. Make it possible to reply to replies. — See: the Missing E functionality.
  13. The ability to move a post from my queue to my drafts.
  14. The ability to move a draft or queued post between blogs. — There have been a few times when I have queued or drafted a post to a secondary blog when I meant to put it on my primary and vice versa. Rather than start from scratch, it would be nice if I could switch the post (before it publishes of course) between my joined accounts just by editing.
  15. Improve the mobile app. — It should not take a variable and uncertain delay anywhere from 5 minutes to 72 hours for a post made from the app to appear on my dashboard.

15 seems like a nice number at which to stop. Feel free to add your own. (Personally, I don’t mind the ask limits, since if you’re using it that often you should probably switch to fan mail or a chat service.)