Erlkönig's Daughter

So Dark Reign/Young Avengers was really horrible for my tastes at any rate — I advise skipping that.

Now reading Children’s Crusade. Wow the art is really pretty after some mediocre shit. Hmm. Magneto is reading as a good guy and… WOW. Fuck you Logan. Really, really hate this Wolverine.

And to be frank, Ms. Marvel isn’t reading particularly nice at the moment either— which was wholly unexpected given most folk I know tell me they like her, although at least she isn’t outright planning to murder the teenager who has yet to actually do anything really bad because he might be a powerhouse and related to super villains. But the not even giving a long time ally the benefit of a doubt and the bad is in the blood are pretty shitty attitudes for a “hero”. Yes, this is post Secret Invasion, so they’re not Skrulls.

But I’m not super familiar with Marvel Comics mythos, I hope this is horribly OOC for those two.



Seriously, this Wolverine? HATE him.