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4~6 more staffers (some did it via proxy) officially tendered resignation to Anime Conji at the general meeting today (including myself. I had rejoined for 2013 in hope of changes happening and silently decided to stay out of it a while back). Thing’s a damn mess of no work getting done and no communication. Everyone who worked hard is slowly giving up hope and leaving. And how can you blame them? SPJA buying out the con from SANSFiS was an opportunity for things to change. For the failing structure to be wiped clean and rebuilt. YET — The same people who slacked off, screwed up and or didn’t communicate remain in the highest positions of power appointing favorites to leadership positions instead of dedicated people who get work done. The reliable staffers are jumping ship left and right. A theoretical 6 months to con they’re still finalizing what rooms they’ll have with the hotel. The website is nothing but a splash image and a registration link. They have no guests of honor. No programming, nor a way to submit programming. The exhibits (and artist’s alley) head was run off for trying to consult with exhibitors regarding space preferences and generally being too thorough in her job. A man who was banned from participating in promotions last year for sexually harassing a member of the street team has been promoted to the head of programming while his victim has left the con. Who would still hold hope for it?

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