Erlkönig's Daughter

Okay. So I go out for dinner with friends. I come back, people are theorizing that DC Nation was taken down (both TV shows and all of the shorts) because a) anti-Stephanie Brown conspiracy or b) they lost the rights to use Static.


Do they have sources? Of course not, it’s wild, baseless conjecture invented by panicked fans. There’s not an “anti-Stephanie Brown conspiracy”. There’s some higher ups blocking her return to comic pages. That’s not going to stop an entire show for a nameless cameo. Similarly, Virgil’s appearance in the latest episode was also without a name. Even if they had lost the rights to him —and there is absolutely ZERO reason to think they did— a nameless cameo won’t stop a episode much less an entire show block.

This is absurd. The baseless conspiracy theories are wearing on my nerves.

  1. kat8therude said: Isn’t it Cartoon Network that put the hiatus in place anyway?
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