So watching Adventure Time season 1 so far… is unpleasant. Like the animation is choppy. The storytelling is blargh and not good on girl power at all.

It’s great that Bubblegum is allowed to be a science whiz and a pink wearing princess, but the first few episodes are pretty LOL Wimmens should’t poke their nose into men things like heroing or have interests in people outside of Finn unless he finds them unattractive at which point eww and damsels in distress. Finn breaks a promise and nearly brings down doom which is only lessened because Bubblegum gives a shit about him? You learned your lesson, right? LOL. I get to see giant candy monsters, YEAH! Lesson?!  Yeah sure. I learned a lesson. Snrk. And she’s not really congratulated for curing the zombie thing. Oh hey, here’s a way to go get a book that will supposedly help you in your life quest Finn. She contacts Finn at the end of the episode asking about the contents and I get they’re embarrassed it was a page about kissing, but all the males in the scene without really responding to her intentionally cut off the call and laugh about it. The episode with Ricardo the heart, Finn gets jealous about Bubblegum talking science to and dancing with Ricardo, but he can’t be bothered to learn more about things that interest her — Ricardo must be evil to garner her attention and he’s just going to shove his way in because science isn’t cool. Finn tends to run around doing stupid and selfish shit and getting rewarded for it.

  1. kanenwriter said: Interesting… I remember being a fan of the original Adventure Time short, but then not really getting into the show proper once it started. Perhaps I should ignore season 1 outright and check out season 2?
  2. e-meersie said: Yeah, I’ll be honest, I didn’t really start watching Adventure Time until season 2. Season 1 was just a little too… wrong for me. The directions they took from 2nd season on are much better.
  3. asatira said: Yeah, first season Bubblegum, from what I recall of episodes I’ve seen, was very much stereotypical damsel-in-distress and plot motivator.
  4. ladyloveandjustice said: yeah the first season is a bit ehhh and choppy at times. It was only in the later episodes I started really getting into it. “Lady and Peebles”, “What was Missing” etc are all eps I really liked on the ladies front.
  5. tofukitten said: Hehe, yeah, the first season’s Bubblegum wasn’t that great as a female character, many people find ^^;;
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