Argo was a pretty decent movie. Enjoyable. Not one I think I’d particularly “write home about” though.

Mostly reviewing the theater set-up because despite my co-worker’s “you’ll never settle for a normal theater again” — I don’t think I’ll be back unless I get Hobbit tickets.

The theater experience was the things that made my 8 friends and I trek out to Del Mar for the film though. I found it… not particularly worthwhile.

Being able to reserve your seat location when purchasing a ticket is fabulous. More theaters should do that.

The seat-side service of alcohol, drinks of a wide variety, snacks, dessert, etc was pretty cool. 

The seats, giant electrically reclining armchairs are nice, but… I’m short. If I leaned back much, I lost the bottom 1/3rd of the screen to the safety rail. I’m not sure if it would be better or worse if I’d had a row of chairs in front of me instead of the railing.

I’m single. This is not common in my friends group, and causes me to stick out terribly in certain situations. This was one. Every armchair set is done in pairs and set well apart. With 9 people going, I’m the odd man out and left sitting very much alone. It’s like attending the movies alone, but you accidentally went to the same showing as some friends on a date and you hear them laughing and whispering a couple of rows away but no one is willing to acknowledge you’re in the same theater because it’s awkward. It was that kind of situation, but with 4 couples. Attending once I realized everyone else was in a pair was a terrible mistake on my part. I should have canceled.

Just to end my evening right, this group of friends usually has a bit of a behavior pattern post film outings. About half go to the restroom after the film and everyone gathers in the lobby to chat about the film and make sure everyone says goodbye before parting ways. It’s just kind of normal for us. I know at least one person knew where I had gone. I walk out of the restroom post-film to see all my friends headed out the door chatting as they walked. I moved to catch up, and only Greg even paused or looked back. I caught up with him only because he’d stopped to determine the best route back to his car before walking forward after exiting the theater. Greg was kind enough to walk with me down to the parking lot, but no one else even acknowledged I was still around. I said bye to him and parted to my car, the group still discussing the film and chatting walking a good 15~20 feet ahead of us with no notice that I had been there much less that I had left.

It’s my own damn fault. Saw the potential situation coming but I went anyways. Figured I wanted to see the movie and it’d be a waste of a $20 movie ticket not to go. Should’ve just not gone. The stray dog feeling isn’t worth the $20.

  1. asatira said: Sorry to hear that happened. I haven’t had that many experiences like that, mainly because I tend to do stuff on my own. It still sucks to be considered the fringe of the group.
  2. walkwthoutrhythm said: Sorry to hear it went badly. That’s ridiculous that they only have pairs of seats. Even if you go in couples, you might still want friends sitting nearby. Or maybe that’s just us comment-in-movies folk.
  3. shadow-hikari said: Ouch. Hugs to make it better. Also the main reason I never go t the movies with friends who bring their Significant others.
  4. whitedarryl said: Eh, yeah, things like that blow. If anything at least someone did notice(even if by happenstance). If anything invite someone else out if something of that sort might happen again. Or you could educate me on whiskeys. That’s fun.
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