I love you already Dani.


Dani: Then what are you waiting for? I’m right here.

Bart: What are you doing?

Dani: Come and get me!

Bart: What is she doing?!

She’s a bad ass, and Bart is worried she’s going to get hurt.


Wally: Dani, you’re scaring Bart.

Jay: The kid’s scaring me!

Wally: But I think I know her plan.

Wally sees what she’s up to and trusts her plan. Meanwhile, we see where Bart (assuming as he grew up) took after Jay being the worry wart and watching out for the other speedsters. (Given all of Bart’s personal losses in his known history, it makes sense he’d be over-protective of “family”.)

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    OMG DANI IS THE ACTUAL BEST. And now I really really really want to know her backstory, like how the hell did she end up...
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    that does, but does dc comics count digital purchases into their figures? I thought they didn’t…
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    Well, if it helps you decide, she’s only in issues #19 & 20 of Justice League Beyond thus far. The issues are her debut...
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