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GLTAS Oan Standard Language

So, over a year ago I sat down with over a half dozen screencaps of the scene in “Fear Itself” and hand-drew the characters and went through it back and forth until I had decoded the 17 clearly visible characters in that scene to their English equivalents. [link]

A few weeks later, “Flight Club” aired, including a scene where Appa Ali Apsa threw out a literal wall of the Oan code-text. I promised myself to translate it later and hope it covered more of the missing letters. Unlike the scene in “Fear Itself”, there was no real indication of what the expect that text to say, and the sheer amount of it was daunting.

Inbetweethelineart recently reminded me of the unfinished translation so I started it up. Based o the characters I already knew, I caught that the text in Appa’s scene was all upside down — because Appa is a prat, I assumed. I set about re-drawing all of the characters fresh off the screencaps and ended up with 26 characters! Happy days. Now to try to work out what the new letters might equate to by educated guessing…

Appa’s screencap (once flipped) started with just a straight list of A to Z and then continues with random sequences of the alphabet only slightly out of order. Queue the unexpectedly easy button and much laughter at my own procrastination up until now!

That cheeky GLTAS Crew!

That was fun.

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