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IMPORTANT!!! Threats toward Dragon*Con Attendees.


Found this on the Dragon*Con page on Face Book.  Can’t find info that it is a hoax. Hopefully this person is dealt with before the con.


I want you all to know of the following that is being reported to the FBI and D*C Security office today as type this (Thursday August 11, 2011). A person by the name of “Jonathan Barron Williams” of Jackson, Tennessee has been sending threatening messages via facebook to select D*C attendees and possibly D*C related forums. 

The following message by Williams has been forwarded to the FBI Atlanta field office as well as the D*C Security office:

“They deserved it. So do the people here, thats why Im going to do the things I plan on doing. It’s not you’re fault, I’ve been this way for a long time. So don’t go blaming yourself when I make national headlines after dragon con. I’m not stupid, I know things won’t get better for me. I’m 28 and I don’t have any real anything. The signs have always been there, I’ve just been in denial. Please don’t feel like you had anything to do with it. I promise you aren’t at fault here. You could offer to be my real friend and I’d still kill them. It’s my destiny and my choice. I’m bored with life. Killing people is the only thing that interests me these days. Sorry, thats who I am. Not even you can change it. I’m going to kill anyone thats ever spread a rumor about me, then I’m going to shoot people at random until the cops kill me or I kill myself. They made their beds, now they can die in them.”

Again, this is not a drill. This is not a joke. Please be careful and if you see any information pertaining to this person on the various forums you frequent or on any facebook posts, please forward the information, IP address, ANY information regarding this individual to the FBI field office in Atlanta and the DragonCon office.

FBI Atlanta Office:
2635 Century Parkway N.E.
Suite 400
Atlanta, Ga 30345
Phone: 404.679.9000

DragonCon Office:
Phone: 770.909.0112
Ask to speak to someone in regards to a security concern.

Please be careful out there. Always be on watch. Always watch out for each other.

I’m not seeing that post on the official D*Con facebook (from a staffer at any rate), on the Daily Dragon, or the LJ community that the D*Con staff use regularly to disseminate information. On your linked post, someone has said:

I read this from Dementia Grimm - Dcon is pulling all posts re: Jon Williams, as they’re going to be releasing a statement soon. also just heard from the head of Criminal Investigation in Jackson, TN. They know who he is & are meeting w/him & his father today.

Whatever is actually going on, D*Con has pulled any official posts and will make a statement later today. No need to panic yet.

If they had this much specific information, I expect that Mr. Williams will already be in custody on charges of making death threats or will be within the next 20 days prior to con.

I’m not particularly concerned.