I know what we can do today! Let’s all Ask DCTV!

Dragon*Con TV are the people who make videos to entertain you while you’re waiting in line to get a ticket or waiting for a panel or waiting for the Masquerade to start. One of the things we do are bumpers, those bits with white text on a black background. We make a lot of those each year, and because we’re lazy, we recruit you to help us make them.

"How?" you ask. "How can I help make bumpers?" Easy: ask us something. Here are some of the questions we’ve answered:

To Ask DCTV, start by thinking of a question. Ask that question as a reply to this post. I’ll credit your question to your LJ user handle, unless you sign your question with a different name. If you choose a really long name, though, I’ll shorten it or make fun of it.

Some general advice: You can post more than one question, though I’ll probably only use at most one of them. Take a minute and look through previous questions if you want to make sure you’re asking us a new one. Examples of old questions include, but are not limited to: why is there con funk? What should I eat at con? How do I get that sexy sexy guest to notice me?

That’s it! Ask away!

This is always fun. :)

Remember, submit your questions at the link! Reblogging with a question does no one any good.