Yeah, Yeah. Shut Up Elf.

Anthony Mackie at the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con

Going to SDCC 14!



so two badge buying groups merged together and everyone ended up getting the days we wanted. final tally: 19 people. i feel like we’re in the geek version of high school musical


So guys, thanks to child-of-irony and her mad organization skills, NINETEEN people are going to SDCC 2014.

my sister is the BAMFiest of BAMFs. XD

You guys are amazing. Props for conquering the system.

With the aid of friends, I managed to acquire Saturday and Sunday just seconds before the Saturday sold out notice popped up. Whew.



SDCC 2013 X-Men Days of Future Past Conference



SDCC 2013 sketches. Part 4.


My Impulse commission ~~<3!





New Warrior Wonder Woman Shots!

Had an absolute blast wearing Warrior Wonder Woman at SDCC. Surprisingly, I made it all day hauling around the incredibly heavy shield, proving that the dedicated lifting these past few months has yielded some results!

For anyone who hasn’t seen this costume before, it’s an original collaboration between artist Tess Fowler and I. I’ve always adored Diana’s Amazon roots, and wanted to pay tribute to that aspect of her legacy. Tess helped me flesh out the design, and then I went to work on the costume!

More photos coming soon - Ljinto and I worked some magic together! :D

  1. Photo by Estrada Photography
  2. Photo by Estrada Photography
  3. Photo by White Darryl Photography
  4. Photo by Shutterfoo 
  5. Phone shapshot!
  6. Photo by Eurobeat Kasumi
  7. Photo by League of Hot Geeks 

Be still my heart!


Cosplayers get it.

Ask Before You Take [A Photo]: Simple Cosplay Etiquette


I felt like I had to type this up while it’s still fresh in my mind.

It was the end of Day 4, all of us were tired, hot, and a few of us had taken off pieces of our costumes because they were becoming uncomfortable. A few people came up to us to ask for photos, we were more than happy to let them (“as long as you don’t mind that we’re not in full costume.” “Naw, that’s okay, you look awesome anyways!”). There were also the few who didn’t ask us before trying to take a picture, and to those people we politely explained that we preferred it if they asked before snapping photos. Of course, most of them apologized and then asked.

Most of them.

At one point, an older man came up behind us and aimed his camera in my general direction. I was talking to people so I didn’t really notice, but my sister did. She politely said “Sir, could you please ask before you take pictures?”

It was as if she had asked the man to give up his job and his house. He went on a tirade, saying how “this con had been so nice for the last four days, and then this" and “I’ve worked in special effects for 19 years, I was just appreciating those contacts" and “I’m not a bad guy, everyone else was so nice" and the best one “Fine, I get it. Consider the pictures deleted." (he proceeded to delete the pictures from his camera in a huff). All the while, my friends and I were trying to explain to him that no, we don’t mind having our pictures taken, we would just prefer that people asked us before doing so. But he wouldn’t have any of it. In the end, he walked away angry with no pictures, and we were standing there feeling confused and annoyed. Later while discussing this, we all realized that this encounter had slight undertones of rape culture…that this man thought he could do what he pleased simply because of how we were presenting ourselves, and became angry when we told him we did not appreciate being treated that way. TBH, I’m surprised he didn’t start calling us “bitches” during his little rant.

Cosplayers are people. We aren’t statues or art pieces that you can walk around and take pictures of whenever and however you feel like it. Just because we’re dressed up doesn’t mean you can simply shove a camera in our faces and expect us not to be annoyed or upset by it. You are NOT entitled anything. ASK. BEFORE. YOU TAKE. A PHOTO. More often than not, cosplayers will say yes, and they will appreciate that you took the time to approach them as people and not decorations.

SDCC 2013 Cell Phone Snaps 3 of 3

SDCC 2013 Cell Phone Snaps 2 of 3

The killer whale has a pinata in it’s mouth — a pinata.

SDCC 2013 Cell Phone Snaps 1 of 3