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This Wasn’t What I Meant When I Tweeted #CoulsonLives

I have hit a point where I regret my involvement in the entire Coulson Lives movement, however small my part was. This is not what I thought I was pushing for. This is not what I wanted. I thought we were pushing back against the idea of killing some idealistic little thing as the main way of motivating heroics. That people weren’t capable of being heroes without great tragedy fueling it. I thought the movement was to get some little background everyman 9-to-5 dude with hero worship the size of Texas back alive and in the background handling superhero logistics, bringing Fury coffee and files, and maybe occasionally foiling a convenience store robbery with a bag of flour because that’s what Captain America would do.

In no way was my cheering meant for little everyman fanboy dude to get elevated to main character status. I wasn’t loooking for white fanboy to be turned into the star of the Coulson and Friends SHIELD Power Hour by Joss Whedon while a potential SHIELD TV series starring Peggy Carter sat on the “in development” backburner to never get off the ground. I wasn’t cheering for more white dude centric Marvel stories making it to any screen and elevated to fandom mega-celebrity before we got a female and/or POC-led story. While the most vocal Peggy story update is she started SHIELD —not that you’ll ever see that story— and a slow death in a nursing home tinged with Alzheimer’s for maximum gut punch. I didn’t want white fanboy-proxy looking at a potential build up to being a male-first Captain Mar-Vell for the MCU while the movies make the non-white SHIELD every-dude the big bad betrayer. I don’t blame folk hating Sitwell, he didn’t get the build up and backstory Loki (with his big sad eyes and abandonment issues) or even Coulson (noble sacrifice and excitable fanboy with the vintage Cap cards) did. No backstory, but we did get to see him complicit in a politician taking sexual advantage of a young woman. The story was written to prevent us pitying him. The writers and directors chose to frame him that way, just as they chose to frame Loki as tragic and Coulson as a fanboy proxy.

I just wanted a paper pusher to still be alive in the background. I didn’t want THIS.

And this is nothing against Clark Gregg. He seems like a nice guy. But this wasn’t what I was signing up for when I tweeted #CoulsonLives.

I am sword geek trash. I was raised this way. I am awful.


Hey fellow creative types — What’s the most absurd name you ever gave an OC?

I, for example, went through a period in high school when I decided the cleverest way to make up fantasy genre names was to spell everyday words backwards. I still fell back on it occasionally when I couldn’t think of anything else and was being too lazy to research This left me with a few characters in my mental stable with names like “Tghin”, “Dnah”, and “Esnir”.

Hey fellow creative types — What’s the most absurd name you ever gave an OC?

I straightened up my entertainment center’s DVD shelf yesterday, because I can never find shit (which explains why I have 2 copies of some things). Now you can see my 3 rows deep of questionable taste. ;)

Wow. I forgot I have half of Soul Hunter in VHS fansub and half in legal DVD release.

I want more post-chosen-one stories. Yeah, they survived the big event. They still have all those powers, all those secrets, and some modicum of PTSD and now they have to make some sort of daily life. 

Little things still land on their doorstep, minor supernatural issues, interfering with their attempts to go out drinking with friends or get an oil change on time, renew their driver’s license. Skipping out on plans last minute because the nightmares mean they’ve slept 5 hours this week and they need to catch up or they just have a bad feeling about it, and they trust those hunches. Powers fading as they get older. Who do you talk to when no one would believe what you went through as a teenager is even possible?

I love fictional idiots who self destruct/sacrifice for the people they care about and the people they care about who understand both that the best way to stop them is to remove themselves and others from immediate danger but to also not let them go through with the stupid “plan” and scream at their beloved well-meaning idiots.