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Vash the Stampede acting like a fool

"Love and Peace!" - Vash the Stampede 

Do Not Remove Source

osheamobile replied to your post: Y’know what. NO. I’m deleting that. It…

I know you are not a Homestuck so just trust that gif is appropriate

You have sent me this gif many times and I am still unsure quite what it means.



Sherlock BBC: Sherlock Holmes is a genius white boy so everyone has to put up with his shit.
Elementary: No.

I enjoy this because I heard that “No” in Joan’s voice.




Trigun // Murder Machine (1998)

Now repeat after me, This land is made of…
All the Trigun posts are giving me nostalgia-feels >_< My first cosplay was Wolfwood & my blonde bff and I got called Vash & Wolfwood all the time!

Girl don’t mess with me. Trigun was my 90s scifi western (for folk that don’t care much for westerns) while the rest of the world discovered anime via Cowboy Bebop.

I was sporadically mainlining the TV series on Netflix over the weekend. I’m on episode 21. I am drowning in nostalgia feels. *bawls all over you*

I’ve never cosplayed from Trigun, and I have no idea who I would if I did, but it’s always been a favorite. If I ever cosplayed it now, which is a big if, I’d have to do a fancy as hell propping to make it worthwhile for me. Like making the Angel Arm or a moving Wolfwood cross shit (and I think I’m too short and chubby to make Vash’s coat work on me). It’s too old, too well known, and still cosplayed enough for me to do it unless I fully invested in doing it extra well.