All the Trigun posts are giving me nostalgia-feels >_< My first cosplay was Wolfwood & my blonde bff and I got called Vash & Wolfwood all the time!

Girl don’t mess with me. Trigun was my 90s scifi western (for folk that don’t care much for westerns) while the rest of the world discovered anime via Cowboy Bebop.

I was sporadically mainlining the TV series on Netflix over the weekend. I’m on episode 21. I am drowning in nostalgia feels. *bawls all over you*

I’ve never cosplayed from Trigun, and I have no idea who I would if I did, but it’s always been a favorite. If I ever cosplayed it now, which is a big if, I’d have to do a fancy as hell propping to make it worthwhile for me. Like making the Angel Arm or a moving Wolfwood cross shit (and I think I’m too short and chubby to make Vash’s coat work on me). It’s too old, too well known, and still cosplayed enough for me to do it unless I fully invested in doing it extra well.

Wolfwood sweetie idiot, come back. You need more Vash and Millie time, not less.

I legitimately forgot how much humor was the focus of early episodes. I remembered Trigun as serious with bouts of humor, but the first few episodes are humor with hints of the later depth and a lot of messages about human nature, hope, and Vash’s determination to be a pacifist as more background~y at first than I remembered. It’s a pleasant romp. The other side to the show becoming more and more prominent though.



We live in a world where cartoons have to explain what a vcr is. I am scared

And here’s today’s reminder that I’m getting OLD.


Hola! Hoy os traigo un anime algo antiguo, pero que trata sobre el Imperio Inca :D y aparece en la canción de inició de Malcolm.

Tenkū Tenshō Nazca, Jikū Tenshō Nazca o simplemente Nazca es un anime que trata de la vida de unas personas japonesas normales y de cómo sus vidas cambian al enterarse que todos ellos son la reencarnación de antiguos guerreros incas de la época final del Imperio inca. Una gran lucha para salvar a la persona amada e impedir la destrucción del mundo.


Hello! Today I bring a anime something old, but is about the Inca Empire :D and one anime image appears in song in Malcolm.

Tenshō Tenkû NazcaJikū Tenshō Nazca or simply Nazca is an anime that is about the life of a normal Japanese people and how their lives change after learning that they are all reincarnated ancient Incan warriors of the final time of the Inca Empire. A big fight to save the beloved and prevent the destruction of the world.

reblog if you ever actually used a phone with a “rotary dial” on it

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Wi-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch, wi-ch-ch, wi-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch……

And getting your finger caught under the metal thingy.

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nines were such a paain

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and you tried to push it along to go faster and it never worked

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The one’s with the weird quirk where you had to push it past a certain number before you could add another one. “You’ll never dial the three that way. Let me do it.”

Hearken to me, dear readers, and bear witness to the chilling tale of trying to watch subtitled Sailor Moon episodes in the late ’90s. These were the days of dial-up, when downloading a single transformation sequence clip could take an hour (provided your parents did not pick up the phone). Obtaining full episodes was an odyssey, often involving VHS bootlegs of dubious legality. We heard whispers of the existence of Sailor Stars, the series’ final season, but alas, a US release was not to be. Most never saw those episodes, and those that did faced a long, arduous quest, in which seekers chased rumors of fansubs through mysterious message boards and the uncharted realm of GeoCities. These were dark times.

Becky Chambers, This is Not a Drill: All 200 Uncut Episodes of Sailor Moon Are Coming to DVD, Blu-Ray and Hulu (via luna-whiskers)

This is excellent news. As someone who was gifted those hard to obtain VHS fansubs back in the day, to have the full run professionally translated and legally available so that the company and creators responsible for bringing the animation to audiences are properly credited and compensated is a wonderful thing. There’s no good excuse for pirating when it is being made so easily available at the cost of (at minimum) watching a few advertisements.


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Yup, furiousmew, I still have those tapes.


I’m sorry if you just listened to that and you have no idea what I’m talking about. (x)


I really think we need to bring back those power ballad duets at the end of every animated film in the 80’s and 90’s instead of playing some pop version of a song over the credits because honestly just honestly




we are the last generation whose baby photos weren’t taken on phones

who gives a shit tho

we’re the first generation to be able to carry around a tiny magic computer in our pockets and that’s way more awesome and interesting than this sappy nostalgic bullshit go listen to records on vinyl or smt