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You are cute.”


Help I’ve read 36 chapters of Otomen within the last 36 hours BUT I CAN’T HELP IT I LOVE IT! I’ve been looking for a new (and preferably unusual) shojo slice-of-life romance manga and this is exactly what I wanted. Also I don’t want to work on packing and job apps are frustrating so anime/manga fest in the house! Very cute art style, bishonen and bishojo eye candy, lovey-dovey (and slightly relatable) plotlines - just the sort of manga series I’ve been looking for in the last while. Thank you, elfgrove, for proclaiming your love for this series and inspiring me to give it a try (second time you’ve done that to me; it’s because of you that I gave Green Lantern: The Animated Series a try and developed a love for that too)! 


Delighted to be of assistance.

I am an excellent enabler.


i think I have posted these before.. but I don’t care. Ryo being a badass always deserves more appreciation

look at Asuka’s face LOVE AT FIRST BEING SAVED!1

and ryo’s smile. gosh she’s so cute


Moments like this are what makes me really love this manga.


Moments like this are what makes me really love this manga.


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Never read this comic. But I like this sentiment.

And it’s not something I recommend for everyone. It’s total shoujo fluff trash. It’s on the good end of shoujo fluff trash, it has some excellent sentiments expressed within it, and great gender role upheaval stuff — but if the genre in general is not a thing you like, it’s gonna be far too much sugar in your narrative coffee.

I need to see about getting my hands on the live-action drama at some point and see how that adaption is.