I’m actually a bit interested in the new take, but cannot support it because a) it’s still Babs who got taken out of her wheelchair and b) it’s also the premise of Cassandra’s book right before it got canceled.

I mean, if it’s your thing, it’s your thing. Have fun. But a lot of us have a lot of good reasons to look at it and just go UGH NO.

a) YUP.

b) It’s hijacking the premise of Cassandra Cain’s book?

Yeah but DC doesn’t really care about that, they care about the sales. And the new coat of pain is working. People are more hyped about Babs as Batgirl now than they were at the start of the reboot and that’s saying something :/

I know. Doesn’t make me any less salty about it.


I think they didn’t want it to be noticed tbh. Not when they are pushing The One and Only Batgirl New and Improved Version so hard. This is just an easter egg to “please” fans. I’m both happy and bitter about this batgirl team.

As I said on one of my reblogs, this is (looks like at any rate) the Batgirl book the reboot deserved.

It’s a crying shame that it’s only going to be what? 3 issues?

Well, I don’t think this is going anywhere. And the next issue of Batgirl is the “Batgirl of Burnisde” premire with the new creative team that’s got a ton of hype all ready.

I don’t think it’s going anywhere either, which given the level of reaction I’m seeing is damn foolish. It just shows what the fans were hungry for and not getting.

By “Batgirl of Burnisde”, I assume you mean the new outfit for Babs? While I appreciate the sentiment and it’s a cool redesign, Batgirl has never been in need of a major overhaul costume wise, she has one of the most conservative and similar to her male counterpart in comics. It’s a lot of hype and effort to really change very little. The Batgirl is still Babs, no legacy of women supporting and mentoring each other, no POC, and Oracle has still been “fixed” to walk again. I’m not excited for that. It’s a fresh coat of paint where one wasn’t really needed and nothing more. It’s a nice coat of paint, but nothing else is is happening and that’s not worth my time nor attention.

Yeah, still debating if I’ll do it this year. Depends how busy I am, but I don’t blame you one bit for not wanting to take part. It’s annoying when you put effort into your gift but your SS doesn’t even try. I’ve had that happen to me too. @_@

I’ve just had too much trouble in the digital Secret Santa arena to want to play again this year.


1983 plastic toys and boys only could actually be a lot of things though — GI-Joes, He-Man, Voltron, etc — but my first thought is robits in disguise.

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Oh Noooo last time you fell back into something I marathoner hikaru no go as well. Don’t do this to me Elf I’m not strong enough to resist (do iitt)

I fail to see the bad here. >:3

Crying with me over iGo dorks is an excellent use of time.

My query has more been what version to ingest because the anime is on CrunchyRoll, the Taiwanese drama is on DramaFever, and the manga I own part of and could buy more digitally from Viz.

If spoilers in the tag are true, those two idiots (Manager Yashiro ships it with me dammit) have finally kissed properly — romantically, no trick involved: no denial, no part of a role, no last second slip to a forehead/cheek kiss, nobody unconscious/sick/drunk, <insert various shoujo manga tropes>, etc.


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Yeah um all I can find is this Ruby guy…and… places are reporting that that is the guy :S

"Ruby guy"?


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I mean they did whitewash Sin and skinny up Waller, but I’d be confused if they changed Ra’s considering how on point the Nyssa casting was.

Overall they’ve been pretty good about stuff aside from Skinny Waller (a choice I chalk up to DC executive mandate) and mysteriously white Sin. Nyssa wasn’t white. Nyssa is openly gay and Sarah is openly bi. Other characters like Waller, Diggle, and that lady with the white hair whose name escapes me are non-white.

BUT— They just announced some Australian actor named Matt Nable as Ra’s Al Ghul [link | link], but I don’t know anything about him. It’s a really weird choice after having Katrina Law for Nyssa Al Ghul.


I’ll probably be in it for most of the day. Did we want to try to set up a shoot or something?

I’d be up for whatever. I was planning to wear Beryl most of the daytime. (Ditching the dress when I want to relax for the evening.) I don’t have solid plans for Friday at all thus far. :)

I tend to wing my DCon schedule a lot to ensure I see friends.


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I’m still bringing Moonface for Friday!

YES! <3