I’ll probably be in it for most of the day. Did we want to try to set up a shoot or something?

I’d be up for whatever. I was planning to wear Beryl most of the daytime. (Ditching the dress when I want to relax for the evening.) I don’t have solid plans for Friday at all thus far. :)

I tend to wing my DCon schedule a lot to ensure I see friends.


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I’m still bringing Moonface for Friday!

YES! <3


that gif set of ai with a caption like ‘EMOTIONS DETECTED’


Damn, you’ve got a LOT of college buddies.


Comics. One step forward. Two steps waaaaay the fuck back.

Let’s try to engage more female readers with a book starring one of our superheroines!

Audience: Yay!

Proceeds to hire a male to write it.

Audience: *sideeyes* Okay…

Proceeds to hire GREG LAND to draw the interiors.

Audience: …The guy infamous for tracing porn for faces and poses?

Releases issue 1 cover promo solicits with the alt cover by an erotic artist who chose to forego the costume for what must be body paint (not even spandex works that way folks) and reuses an old erotic comic pose of a nude woman “presenting” her vagina to a crowd of male onlookers.

Audience: Okay, what the ever loving hell? NO.

What’s you’re problem? You’re over reacting! Why are you throwing my friend under the bus by criticizing a work he’s connected to and the overwhelming habit of superhero comics to hire male writers to tell female stories!? You people are just being hateful and unfair!

Audience: …I need a rolled up newspaper to beat you with.

Bring several costumes! Change at random points in the day.

No. It’s a single event. Speeches, booths, and such for 2.5 hours. Costume contest apparently, so there’s kind of an expectation for me to deliver. *shrugs*



I need to do a proper post about my resin casting methods. Haha. — chances are the mold and gem are both shot if there’s no release method unless there’s a very flexible mold. Bad experiences.

More resin/mold notes.

And yeah. I’ve been able to salvage the molds before, but it took a lot of prying and cleaning. Terrible time that.

The first time I ever did resin casting, Xaynie and I were using non-standard plastic molds and skipped the mold release. I think we would have needed divine intervention to separate that stuff.


/reading manga where character is fumbling with packaging of store-bought onigiri

/suddenly craving onigiri from Famima…which is in LA, not KC aka not gonna happen

/gross sobbing

We created a monster.

Two months ago: Hey, where’s your hotel? Okay, so just down the block is a store called Famima. Yelp it, or ask the concierge. Go there, get yourself an onigiri. You’ll love it. You’ll hate me in two months, but it’s good.

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!!!!!!!!!!!! Y E S

Thank you! XD

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Interesting counts for something. I’d watch it for the alternate take on many vampire settings. After watching Pupa though, I’ll probably pass on more pseudo-sexual cannibalism anime. At least this one probably isn’t incestuous on top of that.

This is nowhere near Pupa in either sexual or gore levels.

If you’re interested in a different take on vampire-esque settings this will deliver.

The sexual stuff isn’t quite sexual. It’s parallels in behavior patterns and social cues, not played straight.

I think you’d find it interesting food for thought.