Yeah, Yeah. Shut Up Elf.



Also, akiwitch and I are now watching GLTAS on Netflix.

We love it so far.

We know this will only bring pain.

elfgrove, this is all your fault.

Bring on the pain!

Awesome! <3 I hope you love it! I also hope I haven’t spoiled you too terribly!

Be sure to post updates! Your emotional roller coaster should be delightful!


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lol I got him for christmas so im good….but last when I checked it seemed like there were a good number still around??? hoping this is a good sign in terms of fandom population :3

DC Direct had that big sale back around the holidays, so I expect a lot of stock was depleted then. But yeah, I thought there were more around, but I went to update the list and DC’s storefront doesn’t list them at all anymore, and Amazon’s stock is almost non-existent.

I take it as a positive.

holy shit

RIGHT? GLTAS Hal is going for about $200 these days from resellers. Otherwise, if you want one, hope you got it already, because apparently you’re not getting Keaton’s Hal any other way. 1 | 2 

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Hobby town usually has some, depending on the size you need

The town of hobby does not exist in this region, nor does the lobby exist within 50 miles.


ok… what’s going on

Hi. I made the thing reblog a thing. &gt;:3


what’s going on

Hi. I made the thing reblog a thing. >:3

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What is this show that embraces Shoujo tropes in all their twisted glory?

I just said in the post directly before the one you’re replying to.


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Oh dear god what have I gotten myself into :X

Fun with music, ridiculous shoujo tropes, and laughs. (I like to believe pairing my liveblog with season one helps set the appropriate tone for max enjoyment.)


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It’s that last image which makes me ALMOST curious enough to see what the hell’s going on. Almost. Heh.

I genuinely do not recommend it to anyone who does not care for shoujo fully embraced to maximum absurdity. It’s not a parody like Ouran Host Club, it’s a complete embracing of tropes. It’s hilarious fun (or a delicious narrative twinkie) if you’re in the right mood, but if you’re not into it or in the mood for it, it’s shoujo trash. They took the route of turn the shoujo dial up to 11 and own it. When I’m in the mood for it, I enjoy it, and the music is some of my favorite cheer myself up j-pop these days.

It’s something you either embrace the absurd and enjoy or you’ll hate it.



Oh my god what is that last gif from?! I kind of want to laugh at(i.e oggle at) it cause it looks horribly bad!

Hmm? OH! That’s Uta no Prince Sama (Princes of Song). It’s currently 2 seasons of 13 episodes each, with a 3rd season in the works. [watch online]

Please to appreciate the boys dancing 


…in outfits with strategically placed cutouts clearly inspired by Power Girl’s boob window. (a.k.a. What happens when Tomo designs and makes your stage costumes.)


It is completely unapologetic reverse-harem/adapted-otome-game shoujo trash fluff with catchy music and absurd dance numbers (see gifs). It’s a lot of fun if you’re in the mood for the sort of thing that it is. #utapri I live-blogged season one after some prodding.

I encourage enjoying it for the ridiculous fun that it is, and know that Syo is me and I am Syo.


im crying holy shit XD

I’m glad. Because I laughed for a good 5 minutes over that.

Y’ALL WRONG AS HELL (i love u all v much)