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your knowledge of swords never ceases to amaze. how did you learn all that, and what got you interested in learning it?

I was raised around swords. Quite literally: [link] My father was a collector since before I was born. For a fair chunk of my childhood we would visit sword shops and buy at least one or two new swords for the collection annually. (As one might imagine, the family collection is fairly significant.) Shopping in multiple large specialty sword stores annually and having a father who is passionate about the subject results in a lot of hands on learning. They’re very much a part of my identity as a symbol, as a tradition, and as an art form. I am a collector too, although less frequently as more of my hobby money goes into cosplay. I think I only have just under a dozen blades here in California. Once I settle down more and can display things properly, I expect my collection to increase.



ElfGrove’s CLAMP Cosplays

  • Anime Weekend Atlanta 2002: Wizard — Angelic Layer
  • AUSAM Halloween 2003: Fuu Hououji (School Uniform) — Magic Knights Rayearth
  • Anime Weekend Atlanta 2005: Sakura-hime Clow (Outo Contry) — Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles
  • Dragon*Con 2006: Mokona=Modoki (Larg/Laguz pajamas) — xxxHolic [made by twinklebat]
  • Dragon*Con 2006: Sakura-hime Clow (Manga Chapter 43) — Tsubasa Resivior Chronicles [made by taeliacstudio]
  • Anime Expo 2009: Guru Clef — Magic Knights Rayearth
  • Anime Expo 2010: Sakura Kinimoto (Red Oracle Artbook) — Card Captor Sakura [gallery]


I’d almost want to do one of these but I think I only have two. I should really finish Umi

That Clef costume needs to be remade were it to ever appear again at this point. I have the pieces still, but it’s no longer up to my standards. I could re-use the blue runners and the under garments (shirt/pants/shoes), but the cape, headpiece, and armor would need to be re-done from scratch. I do still like and still own the staff, but to doesn’t break down at all, and thusly is hard to transport at (I believe) 7’1”.

I didn’t realize how many I had until I started making this. CLAMP was one of my big things in the early anime fangirl days though.

You are in the FB  group for organizing MKR at DCon 2015, right?


You know, I very clearly remember you at AWA. You had such an awesome costume. I was so jealous. //one of the other Sakuras

Oh sweetie no. That costume was made in three days (I recall this insanity of mine very clearly) with nothing but fabric glue, fabric paint, hem tape, and a very little hand sewing — because I had no sewing machine at the time. I sat in the floor of my apartment piecing it together while locking my dog and cat out of the room when I was working (they both shed terribly). I didn’t even have a wig. LOL

It was such a hot mess of not at all fitted, safety-pinned in place, and ugly hem tape seams visible on the sheer fabric. My only good points was that I used a sheer fabric for the over tunic thing (matching the art) where most folk at the time did not.

I take pride in it and Wizard from a pure we-all-start-somewhere sense.


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Where is the article about cosplayers ruining cons btw?

This is Denise Dorman’s article: [link] | [original post with her bolding]

I have slowly come realize that in this selfie-obsessed, Instagram Era, COSPLAY is the new focus of these conventions–seeing and being seen, like some giant masquerade party. . Conventions are no longer shows about commerce, product launches, and celebrating the people who created this genre in the first place. I’ve seen it first-hand–the uber-famous artist who traveled all of the way from Japan, sitting at Comic-Con, drawing as no one even paid attention to him, while the cosplayers held up floor traffic and fans surround the cosplayers–rather than the famed industry household name–to pose for selfies.

The hard-working artists and creators who are the very foundation of this industry…the reason there even is an industry….those creatives who have busted their asses and spent money they perhaps didn’t have to spare in order to be there exhibiting for–and accessible to–the fans…have been reduced to being the background wallpaper against which the cosplayers pose in their selfies.

Capitalization, italics, and bolding by Dorman.

This is the article I first heard about it through that points out some of the holes in her complaints: [link]

"Dave’s fans are in their 40s and 50s.  These shows are exhausting and expensive for them.  And a lot of them are still feeling the pinch from the economic downturn.  They were middle class and got wiped out."
The traditional fan-collector audience is getting crowded out by “broke hipsters,” Dorman says.  “It’s all about getting the souvenir to show off at the office, to prove they were part of the cool scene.”
New fans are spending, but not on the same stuff.  Research conducted by Eventbrite shows that the vast majority of convention attendees still rank “buying stuff I’m interested in” as the number one reason they go to shows, and fans across all demographic categories spend as much at conventions as they do through retail and online channels.

However, the new cohort of mainstream fans who come to geek culture through the turnstiles of the multiplex represent the generation raised on click-to-buy, digital downloads, and binge-watching.  They splurge on media and experiences, but don’t value collecting stuff in the same way as those who grew up in earlier eras of the hobby.

What I’m hearing is Dorman and co. aren’t updating either their product nor their approach for a changing convention audience.

Other comics creators respond by discussing the need to update your self to the changing model rather than getting sour about it changing. [link]

Each show has its own feel. You have to figure out which types work best for you and try new ones to expand your reach/engage new fans. Convention culture changes/evolves. Unfortunately you can’t do the same thing each time and expect the same results.

This year has been one of the best in terms of my overall sales, but I also have a lot of books at different publishers going concurrently.

It’s an alchemical mix of visibility, product, fan base, price point, and salesmanship… and it varies from show to show.

I don’t think it’s a cosplayer thing, I think it’s the changing nature of collector culture and how we consume media as a whole. When we were younger, having a collection was a big deal: music, books, movies, whatever. It was part of an identity. Now we all have massive digital movie, book, and music collections at our fingertips. Some still collect, but it’s more focused/selective. 

When you come up to my table, it’s rarely just a cold “purchase and go” scenario. It’s a social interaction and it has to be genuine. You bought something but you also had a conversation and an interaction, something personal and hopeful a bit memorable.You can buy the book cheaper on Amazon. You can get it at your local comic shop or pirate it online. I have to offer something unique. And what I have to offer is me, the interaction and the signature and my genuine appreciation of you, the reader. That’s the whole point. When I finish a day at a show, my throat is hoarse and my brain is fried. I push really hard to be ‘on’ at shows. Ask anyone who’s met me. I have a handful of seconds to make an impression on someone and, if it goes well, they could be a loyal reader from then on.

I genuinely love it, but it’s exhausting. I totally understand if that’s not for everyone, especially if that wasn’t required in the past. But, with time and experience, it gets easier to recognize and plan for different kinds of shows (or avoid ones that don’t work).

Bolding of this last block by me.


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My friends asked while I wasn’t paying attention for me to be the Rebel Spy since it was my first time. :D

That’s super cool.

I think mine was just a case of too good an opportunity to pass up. I kept my hood up most of the line wait (thinking it was amusing, but having forgotten the rebel spy photo thing), and they caught a candid photo of me looking slightly to the side, the hood situated picture perfect like the giant jedi/sith robe stereotype. XD

When my photo popped up, there was a moment of silence, it looked almost staged, and then my entire row (our group of 7 took up a full row) busted out laughing and pointing back and forth with my friends accusing me of never telling them I was a Jedi, that I could have been less obvious, I was a terrible spy, and Jeremy making jokes because he’d been accusing me of being a Sith during the line wait.

One guy midway through the ride, sitting in front of our group yelled, “Why are we going through all this? Can’t we just hand her over?”
"Hey! I’m sitting right here!"
*laughter ensued*

It was great.

Woo! I’ll be there tomorrow with a Steampunk group!

HAH. Should have known.

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Sorry, I meant, when are you going? I can at least say hi for a few minutes ^_^ Like our usual con-meetups

Oh okay! I thought you were asking me to plan another trip!

The crew and I are going Saturday. As in tomorrow. It’s xaynie, myself and the crew we normally room with at AX and Fanime. I’m sure no one would mind you popping in.

The trip with Silas is kinda a special event since he’s coming cross-country for that (hardly anyone comes east-to-west to see lil ole me) and he’s taking it as an extra day outside a business trip. I don’t feel comfortable inviting anyone to even just come say hi for that.

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:( (still working towards being in LA in early Nov)

I know. Keep me posted on that. My schedule and budget gets increasingly tricky as the year ends.


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I have a pass, Disneyland with me!

I don’t have a pass and two trips in a row is already gonna add up! I’m not going to be planning another one right now.


I think it’/s the same movie broken up into three parts?

The announcement reads a bit fuzzy. Other sites are reporting “Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles" (the series) will be set in the universe created by the Justice League: Gods and Monsters" movie. They also say that the series will air a week before the movie release and be available on unspecified "home platforms" then. Other articles seem to say it’s Timm and Burnett on both. It seems more likely that it’s just the film split into episodes, but the way they’re wording it sounds like it might be a separate thing. :/

The decision to phrase it “based on” is messing with me.

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I never really shipped Janeway/Chakotay but I was still really angry at how the show handled them

I don’t really ship it either, but I can see how that episode would put a lot of folk on that path. It set up an additional dimension to their dynamic that I’m sure the show won’t really do much with. I find I don’t recall large chunks of the series as accurately as I thought I did.

I adore both characters, Janeway is the most scientific-minded Star Trek captain we’ve really had and I appreciate that. I’ve always liked her. I really adore Chakotay’s character in general. While the continual return to a basic status quo is sort of a necessary inevitability of Star Trek anything (aside from the occasionally carefully planned running thread that takes longer to bounce back, like Paris’s insubordination in s2), the nature of Voyager makes it more glaringly obvious than others and at times is very poorly handled.

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dammit Chakotay/Janeway was bb’s first ship for me and that episode was entirely at fault

I can certainly see why.

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yep, still one of my favorites and major fodder for my early shipper days <3

Haha. It’s just really shitty for the show to pull that episode then basically drop it. It did seem to come  bit out of left field —as a romantic thing— though. Up until now anytime romance/Janeway came up she has been very adamant about remaining loyal to her dog-sitter-boy back on Earth.

As far as Voyager characters with chemistry, I keep expecting Kim and Torres to hook up eventually.