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Knives: You're not a human being. You're [spoiler].
Vash: I know that.
Knives: You're a superior being.
Vash: I disagree.

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I swear to fukkin dragon-god Hiccup…

This is it. This is where I have laid my affections.



Okay, so let’s talk about this. 

Souichi spends his entire life with memories of the events 1900 years ago in Pompeii. He knows who and what he was — a mercenary, a murderer, a traitor. It’s good, or so he tells himself, that all the way up until high school he never met any of the people he knew from that past life. They would hate him, and rightly so he is certain. They would hate him more than he hates himself, and he hates himself so much he can’t imagine how those he betrayed would even begin to look at him. It’s terrifying. If he ever met them, he would run away in the opposite direction as quickly as possible. For sure. He lives with a 1900 year old guilt of betraying the only people he ever cared about as the city fell under Mount Vesuvius.15 years of life spent hating who he had been, praying he’d never have to face up to his victims.

And then one day he runs into a little girl who is the spitting image of one of the women he knew in Pompeii. That same face reborn, and looking at him innocently as if nothing is wrong. Before he has a chance to process it, before he can escape, the little girl’s sister comes from his other side, and more than the face, he can just tell. The woman he claimed to serve, fell in love with and then betrayed to her death is standing there in the body of a 10 year old. And he is terrified. Terrified of what she will do now that he is before her with that betrayal to answer for.

The younger sister doesn’t remember, isn’t the woman she looks just like — but the elder? She looks at him with eyes full of a 1900-year-old betrayal. She knows who he is and what he did. The woman he loved is there and she despises him. But he can’t run away. He returns every day to see her, drawn like a moth to a flame.

They grow closer and he learns that she knew. She knew what he was, and she doesn’t hate him. Doesn’t blame him. She doesn’t trust him, but she doesn’t hate him. He has no idea how to atone and even less idea of how to atone when she won’t even hate him properly. 1900 years of guilt, hurt feelings, and a love left unspoken because he never could have deserved her.

But she doesn’t hate him. She’s just as confused and torn up up inside because they both know what they were about 1900 years ago and they both felt what they shouldn’t have anyways. The feeling isn’t gone for either of them, and for the firsttime in his life he doesn’t completely hate himself and his memories because there is a chance. There’s a chance that he can be by her side without betraying her. Those memories that beat him down his entire life have finally led him to a spark of hope for relief.

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being genderfluid like boom pow


being genderfluid like boom pow