ANNIE - Official Trailer (2014)

I’m not gonna lie, I teared up a little bit when I saw the trailer.

I’m sooo excited for this… cheese fest and all!

this is so freaking adorable and yes i cried. I can’t wait.


So I’ll probably get slammed for this (because, tumblr) but here goes anyway.  Ask box is open, slam away.

When the original Little Orphan Annie was written, chronologically we were a lot closer to a time where there was a strong bias against Irish people.  By making Annie red haired, it was implied that she was of Irish descent, and by extension, the audience would have inherently known that was part of the bias against her.

Changing Annie’s race to African American replicates this same dynamic in modern society, and that’s a big part of why so many people were upset by it.  A BLACK orphan?!  Nooooooo, keep her white and red haired and cute I DON’T WANT TO DEAL WITH HOW THIS IS MAKING ME UNCOMFORTABLE.

Casting Annie as black in 2014 is a much more true to the original character than casting her as a caucasian red head.

I don’t care if anyone gets stupid and upset. I was in the musical and it’s one of my favorites and this looks amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!



Share this to every news station blaming the parade-goers! No one did anything to his car until he already endangered some by lurching forward and honking! We didn’t deserve this! 

This video clearly shows the initial aggressor. What would you do if a car kept lurching forward into a crowd full of people? This is a stop sign intersection. Pedestrians have right of way. Anyone who drives downtown during SD Comic Con isn’t making the best decision or knows that it will take forever to get anyway. This guy just had road rage and is using his disability as an excuse to run over people.


Voice mail from the boss man himself. Oh hai Kilowog :)

Awww. Winnie the Poozer!




Trigun & Cowboy Bebop — Tainted Donuts AMV

Trigun — Eden AMV


When Marnie Was There — Full Trailer

Video transcription:

Anna: In this world, there’s a magic circle that no one else can see. There’s an inside and outside to that circle, and I’m one of the outsiders. But that doesn’t matter. I… hate myself. 
Text: I’m waiting for you at that creek. Forever… 
Text: A work by director Hiromasa Yonebayashi 
Text: Omoide no Marnie (When Marnie Was There
Marnie: Are you OK? 
Anna: Yeah. 
Anna: Are you really a human? You look exactly like the girl who appeared in my dream… 
Marnie: Dream? This isn’t a dream. 
Marnie: Hey, please promise me. Let’s keep our friendship a secret. 
Anna: Yeah. It’s a secret. Forever. 
Text: I love you so much. 
Anna: Marnie… That’s too cruel! 
Marnie: Anna! My beloved Anna! 
Anna: Why did you leave me!? Why did you betray me!? 
Marnie: Anna, please! Please tell me you forgive me! 
Anna: Of course I forgive you! I like you! Marnie! 
Text: Omoide no Marnie: When Marnie Was There

The video features the film’s main theme song, “Fine on the Outside” by Priscilla Ahn. Premiere on Japan July 19.



this movie is going to ruin me


Watch the first official trailer for Disney’s Big Hero 6 now!

Face Your Fears by BakaOppai

"Machine Gun [Amon Tobin Remix]" by Noisia — Various [20]

The other really memorable AMV from Anime Expo’s AMV Contest.